General Conditions

The purpose of these general conditions is to define and frame the terms of access and use of the e-commerce services referred to as “”, which are published by the “” website for e-commerce services.

Use of this platform signifies unconditional acceptance of all these terms and conditions and obliges you to comply with the obligations thereof. reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions by updating them at any time. The issuance of the terms and conditions in force between you and “” is the one in effect at the time of your connection and use of the platform.

Access to the platform

It is possible to obtain an account on the “” platform, according to the service offers available through the store

The store includes its own blog to display and announce its new offers and activities, and the customer can, in order to expand his activity and market his goods, integrate his store for free with Facebook. This will be taken care of and the necessary technical support will be provided by our staff on the platform.

The use of the Platform is prohibited for minors under the age of 18, who do not have the legal and moral ability to buy and sell.

After registration, the customer has the right to access, modify, correct and delete the data related to him as long as he has a valid and active account, via, using his email address and password (which was created and sent to him during registration).

Currently, registration and posting of advertisements is reserved for local Algerians only (National Territory).

Vendors who own stores on the “” platform bear full legal responsibility for the products and goods offered for sale, as well as the financial agreements and transactions between them and buyers, and the “” platform disclaims its responsibility for all of the above.

Platform Features is a platform dedicated to buying and selling via the Internet between merchants and individuals within the limits of compliance with the law.

The content that vendors place through their stores on the “” platform (text, images, etc.) via the Internet, is subject to periodic review and approval by the platform administrators. It cannot in any way interfere with the transactions between vendors and buyers.

Thus, we do not exercise any control over the quality, integrity of the items listed, the credibility or accuracy of product offers and goods offered for sale in the e-stores affiliated with the online platform, nor do we limit the ability of vendors to sell goods or services, nor the ability of buyers to pay for these goods or services.

Items prohibited for sale via the platform

As a vendor on “”, you are responsible for ensuring that the commodity or product you wish to sell is legally authorized for sale on “”; To make sure of this, we invite you to review the list of prohibited products and goods:

  • Goods subject to legal prohibitions
  • Liquor, drugs and related substances
  • Automatic weapons, bladed weapons and explosives
  • Used medical equipment
  • Fossils and minerals
  • Uniforms, decorations and insignia
  • Tangible and Intangible cultural goods
  • Stolen or hidden property
  • Lottery tickets
  • Credit cards
  • Official documents issued by the state
  • Contracts and tickets
  • Legally unauthorized surveillance equipment
  • Fake coins and forged stamps
  • Fireworks
  • Financial instruments
  • Mailing lists
  • Sexual harassment or pornography
  • Prohibited or controlled goods
  • Lock opening equipment
  • Organs and products of the human body
  • Hazardous and illegal substances
  • Tobacco

Products and goods banned from sale will be reported and removed immediately and systematically by platform administrators.

Sale offers on the platform

Sales offers for products and commodities must describe the things for sale. It can only include text and images provided by the vendor. We recommend that all products and goods for sale be included in an appropriate custom category.

The vendor alone has the responsibility to choose the categorie in which he wishes to refer to his products and goods, and the sales offers must contain the following information:

1. Product Title:

The sale offer must have one product name and description, the product title and description must be clear and cannot contain information (phone, fax, email, address, etc.) or promotional message that does not belong to the account holder on the platform.

2. Product Images:

It is recommended that the sale offer include at least one image and a maximum of five of your product, provided that the image size does not exceed 100K, and does not contain information (Phone, Fax, E-Mail, Address, Logo…) that does not belong to the account holder on the platform.

3. Repeat sale offer:

Sales offers must not be identical. So that one display is placed for each product.

4. Price:

Inclusion of price is necessary. Not specifying the price means that the product is free, so it is advised not to leave the field blank.

Domain Name

A sub-domain name will be leased to you in the case of the service “ Khafif” and the service “ Andna” service. In the case of the “ Andcom” service, your main domain will be transferred or registered, and it will remain owned by you in case you decide to dispense with the services.

Protection and Security

The “” platform provides the necessary protection and security, and the platform is not responsible for breakdowns that may occur as a result of the following reasons:

  • Internet service has stopped for any reason.
  • Disruptions caused by the process of updating and maintaining servers.
  • Hack or attempt to hack the platform.
  • Misuse of the platform by the client.